Conference Schedule
 Time  Event  Details
7:30 -9:00 AM Yantra Soft Bot Pitching Competition None
9:00 - 9:15 AM TEA BREAK Registration Opens
9:15 – 10:45 AM Inauguration Session with Keynote Speech Theme: “Future of Work” (Exploring AI and Policy) *2 speech
Inauguration Session
Keynote Speech
  • Dr. Sethu Vijayakumar, Professor of Robotics The Alan Turing Institute - “ The Future of Work”
  • Prof. Wolfram Bulgard, Former President, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society- “ The Future of AI and Intelligent System”
10:45 – 11:45 PM Keynote Presentation (2national, 2 international) (Preparing for AI based Technology) *4 Speakers only
Proposed Presentations
  • Daniel Zhang Senior Manager for Policy Initiatives at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered
  • Dr. Bishesh Khanal, Chairperson, NAAMII
  • Calum Handforth, Digital Programmes Strategic Manager, Chief Digital Office, UNDP
11:45 – 12:45 PM LUNCH BREAK None
12:45 – 2:00 PM Panel Discussion 1:

This session includes policy dialogues where Speakers from Nepal Government, Development Agencies, International Agencies and Local prominent entrepreneurs will discuss AI Acts, Regulation framework, Impact of AI on economy and National Development.

Keynote Presenter: Mr. Parag Shrestha, MD South Asia, Fusemachines
Moderator: Bibhusan Bista - Executive President - Young Innovations Session Chair
Mrs. Pramila Bajracharya, Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology [MoEST]
Speakers from: Nepal Government, Development Agencies, International Agencies, Local entrepreneurs.
  • Mr. Pranaya Ratna Sthapit, Deputy Director, Data for Development
  • Hon. Pratima Gautam, Member of Parliament
  • Mr. Indu Bikram Joshi, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
  • Mr. Andre Kwok, Founder, The Good City Foundation
  • Er. Subash Dhakal, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Er. Santosh Sharma, Under-Secretary, MoEST
  • Er. Bijayan Bhattarai, CEO, Diyo.AI
  • Mr. Binay Raut, CEO, Paaila Technologies
  • Dr. Sudan Jha/Bal Krishna Bal, Kathmandu University
  • Gaurab Thapa, Product Manager [&] Cloud Expert, Huawei
  • Utkarsha Khanal, Country Manager, Omdena
2:00 – 3:00 PM Breakout Session[AI Workshop] Major Stakeholder possible to leverage the implementation of AI and it’s policy
2:00- 3:00 PM Breakout Session[ AI Workshop ]
Keynote Presenter : Ms. Toni Friedman, Assistant Director - Digital Technology, Policy, and Innovation, The Asia Foundation, San Francisco
Handling Misinformation and Disinformation through AI
3:00 – 3:15 PM TEA BREAK None
3:15 – 4:45 PM Panel Discussion 2:

This session includes industry dialogue where Speakers from Private Sector Body, International AI Leaders, FNCCI will discuss the importance of AI, how Industry sees the progress of AI and how we can leverage the power of AI.

Keynote Presenter: Mr. Venkatesh Babu, CEO, Glosap Consulting firm, Singapore

Moderator: Er.Bikash Gurung, President, Robotics Association of Nepal[RAN]

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Dilip Subba, Vice Chancellor, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology

Speakers from: Private Sector Body, International AI Leaders and FNCCI.
  • Mr. Mangesh Lal Shrestha, CEO, Frost Digi Ventures [FDV]
  • Panel 2: Ms. Preeti Adhikary, Founder, The Great Nepali Diaspora
  • Er. Hirendra Man Pradhan, President, Association of Engineering Colleges of Nepal
  • Mr. Pranaya Ratna Sthapit, Director, Samsung Nepal
  • Dr. Suresh Manandhar, Chairperson, Wiseyak International
4:50 – 5:05 PM Special Remarks Mr. Oliver Tian, Vice-President,Global Robotics Cluster
5:05 - 5:15 PM Remarks Ms. Pravina Thapa, Academic Director, Premier International IB Continuum School
5:15 - 5:25 PM Remarks Mr. Rodrigo Balbontin, Associate Director- Digital Technology, Policy, and Innovation, The Asia Foundation, San Francisco - 10 mins
5:25 – 5:35PM Resolutions and Recommendations from the Conference Mr. Indu Bikram Joshi, Joint Secretary, MoEST
5:35- 5:45 PM Vote of Thanks Dr. Rabindra Dhakal, Secretary, NAST
5:45 - 5:55 PM Closing Remarks Er. Ganesh Shah, Former Minister, MoEST
06:00 PM (onwards) AI Conference and Yantra 9.0 Closing Closing and Networking